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Water is always in motion, constantly evaporating from oceans, lakes, rivers and puddles, condensing into the atmosphere and falling back down to the ground in the form of precipitation. This process, known as the water cycle, not only replenishes our environment but also sustains all living things.

This natural cycle can be summarized as the continuous movement of water on, above or below the Earth’s surface. The cycle is divided into several important phases – evaporation, precipitation and transpiration. Each step holds equal importance in the replenishment of Long Island’s public drinking water supply, which comes from aquifers located deep within the earth.

Every day, water from lakes and oceans evaporates and is then absorbed into clouds. When the clouds reach full capacity, they condense the liquid and release it in the form of precipitation such as rain, snow and hail. After it falls to the ground, the majority of this liquid penetrates the earth, trickling through the surface and eventually collects in one of Long Island’s aquifers.

As the water passes through the earth, the sand and soil act as a filter and naturally cleanse the water before it replenishes the aquifers.

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