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Backflow is the reverse flow of water into the water supply, which typically occurs if there is an unexpected decrease in water pressure, such as a break in the water main.

While the condition has the potential to be dangerous, measures can be taken to protect against contamination of the public supply of tap water.

All commercial properties served by the Westbury Water District are required to have an RPZ backflow device in place.

Westbury Water residential consumers who have an underground irrigation system, swimming pool or any other direct connection to Long Island’s public drinking water supply, are required to install a backflow device to their service line. Also referred to as a double-check valve, a backflow mechanism prohibits any seemingly harmful substance from contaminating Long Island’s public drinking water supply.

Should a Westbury Water consumer leave a hose in the swimming pool during this moment, the device will prevent chlorinated water from flowing backwards into the hose and contaminating the water source.
New York State law requires that ALL backflow devices undergo a yearly test by licensed inspectors. The findings must be reported to and recorded by the Westbury Water District.


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